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Engineered flooring is true hardwood flooring. However, because it has been engineered to hold multiple layers, it is less susceptible to expanding and shrinking due to humidity and temperature changes, making it more firm and durable than solid wood. It is also much more versatile than solid wood and can be installed in places where the latter is not suggested, like to concrete directly. This allows you to attain your desired design effect without having to worry about things like temperature and moisture level. This opens up so many more flooring options all through your home. As an additional benefit, you can reduce your carbon footprint by installing engineered hardwood floors because it actually takes up to 50% less trees to make than its hardwood counterpart. When you are considering engineered flooring choices, call Ray's Flooring at 843-901-4423 today!


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As with solid wood floors, you can add value, attractiveness and warmth to your home by installing engineered flooring. Because this kind of flooring can be installed directly to concrete, it is the perfect flooring solution for homes built on slabs. There are numerous options for species, widths and finished on engineered hardwood, so you are sure to find the right fit for your space. It is often very challenging to differentiate a solid wood floor from one topped with engineered wood, even though the engineered variety is normally more affordable than the solid. Ray's Flooring offers great values on both varieties of wood flooring, and we are happy to chat with you about the specific pros and cons of both. We want you to have the flooring you want at a great price. Call 843-901-4423 to speak with a product specialist.

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